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            2017, the pharmaceutical industry will give you the top ten guessing maze

            With the implementation of various policies of landing, in 2016 China's pharmaceutical industry to obtain steady development. Looking ahead 2017, China's pharmaceutical industry in turn how to develop? Policy changes, the situation will be, the pharmaceutical industry in 2017 will give you the top ten speculation Maze.

            Conjecture 1: The new version of the national medical insurance directory is expected early this year, independent innovation drugs benefit. We believe that, according to the adjustment of the work program, innovative drugs is expected to win the leap-forward development opportunities with this addition. It is recommended to pay close attention to Hengrui Medicine (egrexib, Apatinib), Beida Pharmaceutical (ecteine), Kanghong Pharmaceutical (Compaq), Xinli Tai (alisartan) and so on.

            Conjecture 2: Medicare payment standards to promote imminent, import substitution space is huge. This will be the payment from the passive payment to the active payment of an important change in the payment of the standard setting makes the hospital have the power to choose more cost-effective drugs for domestic enterprises import substitution constitutes a good.

            Conjecture 3: precise medical industry development path increasingly clear. Specific immune cell therapy also need to indications, safety, effectiveness, industrialization and then made a breakthrough in four areas, the current development path increasingly clear, we expect to promote the order of varieties will be: NK, pNK, all CAR-NK, Allogeneic CAR-T.

            Conjecture four: third-party medical service center will become the hub for the realization of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. Third-party medical laboratory will be the future development trend of chain, specialized, information technology, platform. Third-party imaging diagnostic center ushered in policy spring, to encourage the chain, the development of the group.

            Conjecture 5: the full implementation of the two-vote system, the flow of domestic pharmaceutical integration to open the road. Pharmaceutical business will enter staking circle stage, with economies of scale, with funds and government resources, national and local business leaders will eventually win.

            Conjecture 6: consistency evaluation landing, further enhance the concentration of drug production. Consistency evaluation The first batch of 289 varieties required to be completed before the end of 2018, and the work time-consuming huge money, high technical requirements, companies will re-comb the product line, part of the edge of the species, industry concentration will be further enhanced.

            Conjecture 7: Chinese medicine formula granules at the local level open. December 2015 CFDA issued "management of Chinese medicine formula particles (draft)" will be the production of access to decentralization authority to the local, the existing leader, with local resources and traditional Chinese medicine industry chain layout of the company has a competitive advantage.

            Conjecture 8: IVD circulation consolidation accelerated. The largest single-channel IVD channel market share, but also about 2%, the overall market in the local leading staking rodeo melee state, recommended intensive Runda channel leading medical, Seelis.

            Conjecture 9: prescription outflow cornerstone has been cast, will meet the actual progress. Hospital prescription outflow does not change the hospital and the doctor's right to speak, so the first benefit is the hospital and hospital pharmacy. In non-direct channel with the hospital, the chain will continue to be the biggest long-term beneficiaries.

            Guess 10: two types of vaccine circulation reform is complete, the industry has been restored. In March this year, the exposure of the Shandong vaccine case led to the wishes of the people vaccinated down to freezing point, regulatory policies are also strictly formulated. But the rational choice to see the supply of the vaccine must be restored as soon as possible, the industry trend and not because of irregular distribution channels to change events.

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